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Racing rules coming soon.  These will be a collection of IFMAR, ROAR, USGT, WGT-R and UF1 inspired regulations into one document.

Ultimately the Can-Am concept was driven by this initial document (caution: which could have wrong info in it now)

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Announcement of our 2018-2019 Manufacturer Awards

Today we are proud to announce the manufacturers engaged within the inaugural Can-Am RC Series. Thank you to not just the selected manufactures, but all of the manufactures who engaged with in discussion or product evaluation over the past two months. It is fantastic to see the amount of support in this effort we have received.

Can-Am Stock TC - Team PowersCan-Am Stock 1/12th - Team ScreamCan-Am F1 - ScorpionCan-Am USGT - ORCACan-Am WGT-R - ORCACan-Am Super Stock TC - ScorpionCan-Am Super Stock 1/12th - Team Scream
These manufacture to class mappings will remain into effect until July 31st 2019. Details around part numbers, gearing, etc. will be updated within our Classes page over the next few days.

Our new home

We've added a new web domain - - to partner with our Facebook page.  We will have some major announcements coming in the next week or so.  Hopefully everyone is excited about the future of handout motor racing for the upcoming season.

Broad release of Manufacturer contact information

On our web site,, you'll now find a section dedicated to our Manufacturers containing their desired methods of contact. 

In the next week we expect some our manufacturers to start having initial runs of motors available for purchase.  The very first priority and "award" of classes was made for the Super Stock TC and Super Stock 1/12th classes in support of our very first Can-Am RC Series Event at Apex Raceway and their event - September 20-23 - 2018 USVTA Southern Nationals brought to you by Darkside and APEX Raceway

No one is possibly more excited than us to get the season started than us!