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2018/2019 Season 1

Major Events

September 20-23 - 2018 USVTA Southern Nationals brought to you by Darkside and APEX Raceway
Can-Am Super Stock TC, incl motor rental,23
Can-Am Super Stock 12th Scale, incl motor rental,12

October 5-7 - 1st Annual Mon-Tech NYGP at 360v2
Sweep USA CanAm Stock TC,40
TQ Wire CanAm Stock 1/12th,30
Sweep USA CanAm SuperStock TC,30
Molzer Mowery Racing CanAm SuperStock 1/12th,30
Savox Servo CanAm Formula One,30
Destiny USA CanAm USGT,40
Team CRC CanAm WGT-R,10

October 19-21 - 2018 Halloween Classic
CanAm TC Stock,
CanAm TC Super Stock,
CanAm 12th Stock,
CanAm 12th Super Stock,
CanAm F1,
CanAm GT-R

November 22-25 - The 39th Annual US Indoor Champs
Entries open now

Racing Series

Weekly Club Racing

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Can-Am RC Series Season 2 Information

Can-Am RC Series Season 2 has confirmed 5 of 7 classes as we continue to have renewed support from our Motor Manufacturers without any changes to the motor specifications (gearing changes TBD):

Team Powers: Stock TC
Team Scream: Stock 1/12
Scorpion: F1

For Season 2 we are seeking new Manufacturers to supply both Motor rentals and sales for the following classes:

Super Stock TC 1/10
Super Stock 1/12
VTA 1/10
Pro10 235mm 1/10
GT12 1/12
Rubber Tire Oval 1/10
Foam Tire Oval 1/10
2wd Buggy 1/10
4wd Buggy 1/10
2wd Short Course 1/10

Manufacturers who are interested must reach out to us by May 1st 2019.  New class awards will be performed on May 15th 2019.  Season 2 starts August 1st 2019.

A form for motor sample submission will be made available shortly.

Upcoming races featuring Can-Am Rules

As 2019 is nearly done... we are thankful for all of the support of our four major manufacturers that have helped build the Can-Am RC Series in 2018 and 2019.  Thanks again to:

ORCATeam PowersTeam ScreamTeam Scropion In 2020 two major events will have Can-Am RC Series rules as a major part of their events: 2020 Snowbird Nationals - Canadian Onroad Nationals - Both events will feature the popular Can-Am Stock TC and Can-Am Stock 1/12th

Broad release of Manufacturer contact information

On our web site,, you'll now find a section dedicated to our Manufacturers containing their desired methods of contact. 

In the next week we expect some our manufacturers to start having initial runs of motors available for purchase.  The very first priority and "award" of classes was made for the Super Stock TC and Super Stock 1/12th classes in support of our very first Can-Am RC Series Event at Apex Raceway and their event - September 20-23 - 2018 USVTA Southern Nationals brought to you by Darkside and APEX Raceway

No one is possibly more excited than us to get the season started than us!