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Can-Am RC Series Season 2 Information

Can-Am RC Series Season 2 has confirmed 5 of 7 classes as we continue to have renewed support from our Motor Manufacturers without any changes to the motor specifications (gearing changes TBD):

Team Powers: Stock TC
Team Scream: Stock 1/12
Scorpion: F1

For Season 2 we are seeking new Manufacturers to supply both Motor rentals and sales for the following classes:

Super Stock TC 1/10
Super Stock 1/12
VTA 1/10
Pro10 235mm 1/10
GT12 1/12
Rubber Tire Oval 1/10
Foam Tire Oval 1/10
2wd Buggy 1/10
4wd Buggy 1/10
2wd Short Course 1/10

Manufacturers who are interested must reach out to us by May 1st 2019.  New class awards will be performed on May 15th 2019.  Season 2 starts August 1st 2019.

A form for motor sample submission will be made available shortly.